Shop till you drop at Bobae Tower Bangkok

Bargain hunters visiting Bangkok are well-advised to make a beeline for Bobae wholesale market which, as it happens, is actually underneath, and all around, Prince Palace Hotel, as well as right beside Pier Bobae on Saen Saep canal. Guests staying at the hotel have the added advantage of being able to slip into Bobae Tower direct from the elevator of the hotel’s Tower B.

Founded back in 1927, Bobae Tower and Market is one of the oldest markets in Bangkok. It’s also one of the largest, home to over 1300 stalls selling, wait for it: T-shirts, polo shirts, Hawaiian shirts, hoodies, bomber jackets, shorts, surf ware, beachwear dresses, elephant pants, tie-dye, band shirts, Rasta fashion, military surplus, glow-in-the-dark shirts, animal print shirts, biker shirts, football shirts, belts, bags, underwear, socks, shoes and kids clothing.  Some shops will print your own design on a T-shirt while you look around.

While it’s officially a wholesale clothing market, most shops sell individual items as well, so don’t be shy. Many traders also sell online.

The market area combines Bobae Market and Bobae Tower, essentially a big department store containing many, many stalls on multiple levels. The surrounding market features bustling streets full of shop houses and stalls mostly selling clothing, textiles, shoes and costume & fashion jewelry. Not to mention camping gear.

The other big thing about Bobae Tower Bangkok is that prices at this wholesale clothing mall are the lowest in town, and certainly lower than nearby Khao San Road.

It’s also worth mentioning that the large contingent of Muslim merchants at Bobae Tower clothing wholesale not only sell clothing and fabrics, but also some incredible Halal street food, including kebabs, curries, rice dishes, kaya balls, spicy sausages on sticks, and on.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, the term “Bobae” in Thai means “noisy” or “boisterous”.

Bobae wholesale marketplace opening hours are 6 AM to 3 PM every day except Tuesday. Some outlets stay open till 6 PM. Hit it!